8 Clever Ways to Give Jewelry as a Gift

8 Clever Ways to Give Jewelry as a Gift


From gorgeous necklaces and beautiful bracelets to stunning rings, jewelry makes the perfect gift. Jewelry is truly timeless, and can be gifted in various ways. Let’s explore some clever ways to deliver jewelry that will impress your special someone.


1. Lovely location

Deliver the jewelry in a memorable location. This will add to the overall sentimental value. Examples of places include where you had your first date as a couple, the recipient’s favorite restaurant, or on a romantic getaway. Every time your loved one wears their jewelry, they’ll be warmly reminded of that location.


2. Treasure hunt

A scavenger hunt makes gift-giving interactive. Scavenger hunts are fun because you can get creative with the clues about where the jewelry is hidden. Ideas for clues include inside jokes, poems or riddles, and information related to your relationship. By the time your loved one has found their jewelry, not only will they be mesmerized with their present, but they will also have enjoyed searching for it.


3. The gift that keeps on giving

Consider putting your jewelry inside another gift. When the recipient opens their gift, they will be even more surprised to see jewelry as a bonus. Examples include pairing the jewelry with a stuffed animal, a box of chocolates, a purse, or another gift that you know the recipient has been wanting.


3. Sparkly surprise

A surprise can be a fantastic idea during predictable holidays such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or an anniversary. Think of hiding the jewelry somewhere that will throw off the recipient. Then, when they find the gift, they’ll be completely caught off guard. You can hide the jewelry inside a shoe, under a pillow, or in the glove compartment.


5. Decorative delivery

If you want to give your loved one jewelry during the holiday season, don’t be afraid to get crafty! During Christmas, you can even put it inside an ornament. You can also decorate the ornament with an adorable message. Not only will the recipient have jewelry, but they’ll also have another ornament; every year you decorate the tree together, they’ll think of the beautiful jewelry that came with the decoration.


6. Think outside the box

Think outside the box by thinking inside the box. Jewelry packaging is generally recognizable because it frequently comes in a small, compact package. Spice it up with this humorous trick: either put the jewelry inside a bigger box, or put the jewelry inside many boxes. Upon opening, the recipient might initially be confused, but their confusion will turn into excitement as soon as they see the beautiful jewelry. By putting boxes inside other boxes, the recipient will surely get a kick out of the precocious packaging.


7. Present it on a platter

You’ll need to get the wait staff in on this one. During a romantic dinner, have the jewelry arrive on the plate or platter as part of the meal. Of course, be sure that it is not in the food, but rather that it is part of the decoration. For instance, the plate of food can include their favorite dessert as well as the jewelry next to it, paired with a loving note. What’s sweeter than dessert and a diamond?


8. Adorable assistant

This is a fantastic idea if you want to include your kids, a friend, or even a pet in your gift giving. For an endearing moment, perhaps for Mother’s Day, have your child get in on the secret and deliver the recipient the jewelry. Or, if you have a beloved pet, tie the jewelry box, bracelet, ring, or necklace to their collar and have them walk over to the recipient. Although this method might take a bit of rehearsal, it is a charming way to get others involved.


Now that you are inspired with creative ideas, decide which option works best for you and your lucky loved one. The final thing you’ll need is the perfect piece of jewelry! Browse our selection at The Appreciative, an online jewelry store where there is a wide selection of engraved jewelry. It has a wide selection of pendants and necklaces with meaningful messages for those who want to express their love for the special ones in their lives. Furthermore, jewelry from The Appreciative is well-made and reasonable priced. Ultimately, you cannot go wrong with jewelry, and your loved one will be especially touched by your unique gesture with their gift.